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create 360° spin product animations

Create 360-degree product animations out of your product photos quick and easy.

Take as many pictures of your product as you like to show it from every angle. Those product images are combined into an 360-degree animation by the software feuerball3D. Thus the viewer has the impression of a 3D view so your product can appear vivid and more realistic. The viewer gets a much better idea of ​​your object.

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360-degree spin product examples

360-Grad Beispiel
Icon Animation kuerbis
Icon Animation duck
Icon Animation kaktus
Icon Animation schuh3d

Let users decide which point of view they would like. feuerball3D can be flexibly adapted to your needs.

It does not matter whether you're shooting your product with 20, 24 or 36 photos in a 360-degree rotation or even entirely in 3D. Whith feuerball3D Editor or feuerball3D Studio, you can combine the photos to create a 360-degree presentation of your product. A use of high resolution images is possible within the zoom function. If you wish to highlight different details that have special functions or might be very interesting for a viewer, you can use the hotspot function. This way interesting points of your product can be depicted by additional images, links or animations.
For all functions different buttons are available. Almost all buttons can be positioned by you and colored or customized.

Yet discover more good reasons to use feuerball3D.


feuerball3D – Best-of-3D Award

Taking part in the German competition "Innovationspreis-IT" in 2018, feuerball3D Studio was awarded as "Best of 2018" in category "Online Marketing".

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